Sunday, December 28, 2014

Upward & Onward

Today today today.. I'm writing today ( well actually on the 19th at 11:41 pm and edited/ expanded upon now) because I feel like I need to. Have I been avoiding it? Yes. Absolutely yes. Hiding from myself perhaps. Isn't that an interesting concept? Losing yourself.. Hiding from yourself.. Running away from your own thoughts. I'm with me everyday yet it is surprisingly easy to avoid my true emotion. Anyways, whenever a new journey begins I suppose it is very natural to feel anxiety, uncertainty, doubt, sadness maybe. And it should feel / be different. And I also suppose there is no way to really prepare yourself for such a change. This big change in my life ( moving on from preschool and jumping into the unknown of finding myself in something I really want to do) is something I really wanted / needed. NEEDED. Unfortunately that fact hasn't made this transition easier. I just have to say thank goodness that I have so many people in my life who love me unconditionally and are understanding of my ways... My hermit ways. My I probably won't text you back ways.. My I can't do anything because Ive had a migraine for over a week ways. TRUE STORY. As the haze is clearing from physical pain and avoidance behavior I am coming back into myself. I am very naturally pessimistic, in my nerves and bones. Yet this past year I really have tried to make a conscious decision to change that. Have a positive perspective, believe the best in situations and in people. Take responsibility for my own actions and let go of things that are out of my control. As a wise friend shared this year, " change or accept." Of course! It has been so hard to remember this as the weight of my life decisions has fallen on my shoulders so hard, ( paired with my tendency for introversion) it has quite literally turned me into a shell. A shell of a person. A shell protecting all my vulnerability and doubt that I don't want anyone to know about or see. Fight or Flight Lindsey? Clearly, I'm a "go in the corner and hide from it all" kind of gal. I suppose awareness is the first step of change. Anyways, I've had a lot of questions about my blog and how I'm doing, and I really want to start this new year off by being myself and not hiding in a corner. So there you are! Welcome to inside my head: a jumble of who I am, who I want to be, mixed in with migraines, crazy iconvient work schedules, and the occasional, not so occasional, anxiety attack. Breathe. Breathe. Cause yolo and stuff...

Thank you for reading

P.S. I'm not sure where this blog is going but it's going... There may be fashion there may be rambling .. There will hopefully be pictures! Slow and steady.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I'm back!

Ohh blog how I have missed you. I have MISSED you.. I HAVE missed you.. I have missed YOU! Get the point? *sigh* I feel more like myself with every letter.. I feel like I'm breathing for the first time I'm weeks..(dramatic? Slightly. )  Here's the story: After turning 25 I decided to take a little break to collect my thoughts and refocus myself and this blog moving forward. This space means so much to me that I really want to be intentional about what I'm posting. I started this off as a way to be genuine and real and open and honest and share my thoughts and feeling and opinions but also a way to share my love of fashion and life.. In a way, In the hustle and bustle of a 9-5 job + the craziness of life, I found that I was, some weeks, producing to produce which is far far away from my original purpose. That being said, the greatest thing about this space is that it is mine and therefore it is ever changing.. So moving forward I will continue to do my best to be a little more thoughtful and put more mushy real substance in every post. Thank you to everyone who has asked, and wondered, and supported me to get this back up and going again. Including my photographer this week Melina! We dusted off the cobwebs and are charging forward.
In case you've been wondering what I've been up to:

* Nate turned 25! We celebrated by hitting the batting cages. It was my first time, Nate said I was surprisingly good... It's good that I can still surprise him I guess.
*California Adventure! For our 7 1/2 year anniversary we put our annual passes to good use.The best thing about celebrating at D-land is the fact that you get to proclaim it to the world in the form of a button. Nothing feels better than random strangers wishing you a happy anniversary and then watching to see their eyes bug out when they see the number... 7.5 WHOA. WOW. WHOOOAAA.. I feel you people.
*Long Beach flea market with my momma! If you live in the area and haven't been it's totally worth the few dollars. However I would wait until fall kicks in and it's not 90degrees... It was nice to browse through all the junk & treasures and finally find the antlers you were hoping for! My mom was such a good sport, it was hot, we were sweaty, it was huge! Lol that's what moms are for though right? That unconditional.. Sure you can drag me through rows and rows of what towards the end all looks like the same stuff.  And then thai food.. Moms are the best.
*Change in home decor! Nate and I have lived in our LA apartment for a little over a year now and aside from getting the key essential pieces we were missing like a kitchen table, we really hadn't put any effort into our home. Partly due to budgets but partly due to the fact that we had extremely different tastes. Miraculously over the last year we have somehow come to have the same style.. Hip hip hooray! We're very excited about nesting.. we'll mostly me! I hope to share more home stuff in the future :)
*Style shift.. Have you ever looked in your closet and hated everything you own? Well if you haven't let me tell you it's frustrating. I think I'm in a very inspirational, open, and changing time in my life. It's time for change i say and my closet is saying it too! This is the best I could do in light of these circumstances.
* Lots of happy news! Babies, engagements, weddings, promotions are happening! Dreams are coming true. It's all very exciting I hope to share my experiences with all these things coming up.

Sweater: Target
Shirt: Aerie similar @ Nasty Gal
Wallet: similar @ Tillys Nordstrom
Shorts: Express  American Eagle

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Answers!

So today's post is very different. To start off my 25th year I wanted to answer some questions my readers had in the spirit of openness & honesty. Around the time I started this blog in February I was extremely unhappy. In pretty much every way someone could be. This blog was the beginning of a huge change in my life. Logistically not much is different, but my perspective on life has changed dramatically. When they say that perspective is reality it is completely true.I feel so fortunate to have found something in my life that has been so positive and that I get to share it with  all of you!

So here they are! the answers to your questions!

1 & 2. What or Who inspired you to start blogging- and what is your favorite part about it?
- There were a lot of bloggers that influenced my decision to start a blog but by far the most influential are Cara from Cara Loren and Natalie from Hey Natalie Jean. Both these ladies are super unique and I loved following their stories for different reasons. I love Cara's fashion blogging and how sweet she is and Natalie is like the realest person and I love her lifestyle blogging ( and her son is the most adorable thing). I am trying to merge the styles of the two, fashion related yet personable and about my life. As for the second part of the question, what I love the most about blogging is that it is an ever growing and ever changing medium because it's about me! I love that it is completely my creation that I can do with whatever I want. There are no rules, I am the boss. I love that it has brought out a creativeness in me and on multiple occasions, allowed me to reach outside my box and challenge myself. I love that it is MY space and at the end of the day no matter what I am so proud of it.

3. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?
This is hard! Somewhere with history like Rome or Egypt. Since I was a kid I have this complete nerdy side for anything historical. My ideal day at home is lying around watching national geographic or historical documentaries on Netflix while DIYing. So I would love to travel somewhere that I could experience some of that!

4&5. Who does your hair Do you wear extensions?
Shelly Roth . I LOVE my hair every time I get it done, she really listens to my vision. She is so sweet I never mind spending a few hours with her. Her space is now located in El Segundo! And no I don't my hair is all natural.

6. What are you most proud of in life?
This blog! Hands down.  I have never put myself out there before now to really allow people to get to know me. For a long time I think I closed myself off from having close relationships because vulnerability is uncomfortable and I felt that I had been burned a lot in life. But after I started this blog I have seen a new openness in many areas of my life that didn't exist before and it makes me so happy. It was the best decision I have made for myself.

7. What tanning products do you use?
I use Million Dollar Tan products or get spray tans. I have tanned in beds but I am terrified of wrinkles and the lotions makes me breakout.

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
In 5 years I will be 30! Oh my goodness. I don't know honestly. I think in the past I have set myself up for failure by putting expectations and timelines on my life. When the picture of life how I imagined in my head didn't work out exactly the way I thought, it was really hard. So I have learned its better to just go with it. haha I HOPE that I am happy and healthy surrounded by people I love. What more could you ask for right?

9. How has blogging been so far?
Blogging has been great. It has been such a positive experience in my life, I love doing it. There are some tricky logistical things that are difficult like website nonsense & TIME. But even with those things I love doing it!

10. What is your work out routine?
HA! Wellll I try and follow the bikini body challenge from The Super Sisters . When you sign up for a challenge they send you workouts and have contests on instagram. It's super fun especially when you do it with a friend. I also try running, which I enjoy when I get into it but it's hard to get started.

11. What is the hardest thing about blogging?
Waiting. You create a space for yourself to share with others but people don't come across your story all at once. It takes time to get people interested in what your doing, sometimes I just want to be like, "Hey! look at me! I'm doing something cool!" It will all come with time but I'm impatient. 

12& 13. Why did you become vegetarian and how long have you been doing it?
For health reasons, although I do have severe empathy for everything so it kind of makes me feel good that I am not contributing to the factory farm situation. I've been doing it for 2 1/2 years,

14. Do you ever miss/ crave meat?
 No. Although one time last December I was walking out of Ikea and no joke considered buying a hot dog because they smelled so good.. but 3 seconds went by and I was like nahh. It doesn't really cross my mind anymore because its been so long.

15. What do you use to edit your photos?
iphoto. I have attempted photoshop and it is quite honestly the most confusing thing ever.

16. When are you and Nate going to get married?
We'll see! ;) refer to question 8

17. What advice would you give someone who wants to start a blog?
To just start! There are a thousand reasons not to do something, but if you want to because you think it will be a positive thing in your life than it's worth the risks. I think I talked about starting a blog for over a year before I actually did it, and once I got it going all those fears went away.

18. What is your shopping weakness?
Chambray and stripes. I really love shoes too... but what girl doesn't! I try to be good any buy most everything on sale but there are certain things (birkenstocks) that I just need to have anyway.

19. Where is your favorite place to shop?
I think I mostly shop at gap, forever21, American eagle, and target (for everything!)

20.Must have piece for fall?
Nice tall boots! I pretty much live in them all "winter" (let's be real CA doesn't have a real winter) I bought mine all from piperlime and DSW. Start looking in September!

21.Favorite way to wrap a scarf?
I don't know if I have a favorite way, but I love the infinity scarves!

22. What's your diamond going to look like when the time comes?
I suppose it will be up to Nate! Refer to question 8 ;)

Monday, August 4, 2014

Today I'm Happy

Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes! My 24th year of life was both extremely challenging and extremely joyful. It was a year filled with growth. So as I shut the door on 24 I want to say Thank you Thank you to everyone who has supported me and loved me through both the high and low times. I am overwhelmed by the love I feel from all of you, I can honestly say that I have never been happier than I am today. August 4th 2014. Any blessing that comes after this is icing on the cake. Okay enough mushiness! I am so excited to share these photos with you! I love dressing up and being girly, I wish I could pull off this look everyday. The floral crown was a must! It was a tricky project but so worth it! Thank you again for all your love and support, I feel like the luckiest woman..

On a separate note: I am still taking questions to be answered on Wednesday! Ask anything you're curious about and submit them either here on the blog in the comments section, on facebook, instagram, or by email. I'm excited to share with you! Here are some examples of what I've received so far:

What are you most proud of?
What is your work out routine?
What is the hardest thing about blogging?

Thank you so much for participating!

Skirt: similar @ Piperlime  Macys  Dorthy Perkins  Kohls Amazon
Floral crown: Made by me with flowers from Michaels

Monday, July 28, 2014

25 Questions

So my 25th birthday is coming up and I thought it would be interesting to answer some questions that you might be wondering about. Maybe you're wondering what hair products I use, or what size shoes I wear, what my opinion is on the psychological debate of nature vs. nurture, or how much sleep I get a night. Maybe you aren't wondering anything at all... wah wah! In any case it will be fun! So if something's been on your mind there are a few ways you can submit questions: Here on the blog in the comments section, on Instagram, Facebook, or by email. I'll be taking questions from now until Saturday the 2nd! Only 25 will be answered so make your question a good one and see if it gets picked! I look forward to reading all your questions and sharing with you!

Instagram: @in_a_wink
Facebook: Lindsey Paige

Some Random photos that never made the blog:

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Vista Hermosa Floral

Hey Everyone! I am so excited to finally share this shoot I did with Melina Pizano! She is the sweetest and as you can see a super talented photographer, it was an honor to have her take my photos. Thanks again girl! For this shoot we took a little trip downtown to "Vista Hermosa park," it was gorgeous! A little LA tip: if you decide you want to go to DTLA for anything, go on a sunday. It was, dare I say, peacefully quiet. Okay, from locations onto this weeks' look, I've been kind of into this tied waist look...kind of? Okay okay maybe a little too much! When I get stuck on something I'm S.T.U.C.K. I'm the ultimate creature of habit, the kind that craves DQ ice cream cake for your birthday cause that's always the cake you had as a kid.. *cough cough hint hint* ...and it's bleeding into my fashion posts. Wah. Wah. I'll do better! What are you stuck on right now? Please tell me I'm not the only one! As always, thank you for following along this journey of mine.. my B-day is coming up and it's always a time of reflection for me, so get ready for all those thoughts... 50% say "boo!" 50% say "FINALLY!" and that's okay.

Dress: Similar look @ American Eagle Forever 21
Shirt:  American Eagle  similar look @ American Eagle
Hat: Urban Outfitters similar look @ Free People Asos
Necklace: simialr @ Urban Outfitters
Boots: love these @ Modcloth Forever21 Aldo

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

White Dress || Shop 1802

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all having a great week so far. Mine is ehhhhhh so so (I'm blaming it on the super moon). We all need to have weeks like this right? To appreciate to the good times as my mom would say. Breathe. Breathe. Anyways on to the good stuff! This dress from Shop 1802 ! Im obsessed, it's so adorable and versatile! Pieces like this are essential for a girl on a budget because it can so easily go from a day to night look. Wear it on its own with sandals for the day and throw on a leather jacket and boots for date night. Boom! And some good news! Shop 1802 is again offering 15% off your purchase with code: inawink from now until Sunday! Hope you all have a great rest of your week & Happy Shopping! P.S. Sorry for the overload of photos.. or am I?? ;)

Dress: c/o Shop 1802
Sandals: Steve Madden identical @ Target
Belt: similar @ Target Express

Jacket: Express
Boots: Charlotte Russe

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