Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hi everyone! To celebrate Nathan and I's 7 year anniversary (waht?!) we decided to take a trip to one of our favorite places, Disneyland! Remember when I told you February was my favorite month? Yes. Yes. Yes. The night before we left, Nathan told me he was making a surprise playlist for the drive down. Something to know about us is that we HATE each other's music. It's something that, even after 7 years of dating we cannot agree on. So much so, that when we drive together we don't listen to music. (some people think that is really weird.. maybe it is) Anyways, so imagine my surprise when nathan said it would be music we would both like.. yeah, okay Nate.. (insert eye roll) Cut to the next morning as we hit the 10 East, he looks over to me with the biggest smile. And then... "NNaants ingonyama bagithi Baba!" The opening song to the lion king was playing! Nathan made us a 25 song Disney playlist for our trip..swoon... There is truly no one better to visit Dland with. Needless to say we were so excited to be there and spend the day waiting in line together. We took some photos with the camera and some with the phone so sorry about the quality. Look for both Nathan and I's outfit info below. Isn't he handsome?! Thank you again for stopping by and for following!! I promise next post will be more fashiony and less mushy! Thanks again!

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Top h&m similar: here here / Jacket h&m similar: here here love this / Pants American Eagle similar: here here / Shoes similar: here / Sunglasses / Bag coach similar: here 

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Hair & A White Button Up

Hi everyone! How was your long weekend? Nate and I had a super lazy few days, it was a.w.e.s.o.m.e. Some times you need to just sleep until noon, go to lunch, come home and sleep until its dark again. You feel me? The only exciting thing that happened was getting my hair done, yay! Before Sunday I hadn't gotten my hair colored in awhile. (Almost 2 years. Yeah. "Awhile") I went back and forth between going darker or lighter and finally decided to just brighten things up. I went to see Shelly Roth at Marina Beach Hair in Marina Del Rey. She was so so sweet, it was fun spending a few hours with her and my hair came out beautiful! Aside of laziness and getting my hair done, I stopped by Gap for their presidents' day sale and bought this button up for $15. YES! I paired it with simple black pants with fun wedges to make it more casual. I also added another one of my closet favorites, my army green jacket. Around the waist. Yep, that's happening again. And I love it. Thanks again for stopping by and for following!

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Top: Gap similar: here here here / Pants: old Forever 21 similar: here / Jacket: old Old Navy similar: here here / Shoes: old Target similar: similar / Necklace: old forever 21 similar: here here/ Bracelet: Michael Kors (gift) similar: here here here

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! I've been so excited to post this all week mostly because of this skirt...i die. I've seen this big skirt trend lately and I thought vday was the perfect over the top holiday to try it out. It was super fun to wear, I feel like I should create more excuses to wear girly dressy things like this. AND I got it on Poshmark! Its a website/app where people buy and sell clothes. It's really easy and there are lots of great brands and deals. If you happen to find yourself there, I am selling some of my clothes, you can search me "lindseymoir." Scroll below to see my other outfit deals and more mushy goodness ;)

Top: It's a dress from Foreign Exchange. Similar: here here / Skirt: Spiegel similar: here here / Shoes:Charlotte Russe similar: here here  / Necklace: old from Target similar: here here / Bracelet: Stella & Dot Want: this & this

So for those of you who's attention I still have.. it's Valentines day so down to the loooove. This is Nathan and I's 7th Valentine's Day... whoa. We were just 17 when we met. We chatted on Myspace, had flip phones, and rented movies from Blockbuster. Oh, 2007. So what did Nate get me for Vday 7 Februarys ago? A hand written card on notebook paper complete with original poem. (that I still have) It's equally corny and adorable and I will keep it forever. Okay, so Nathan and I are normally very private people. ( I am private, he is so so so private) You may be wondering, "what the heck are you doing blogging?" "And blogging about your relationship?" right? I know. Because it is time (lion king reference) to let you in and share the glue that's held this love story together. So here is the truth, what we have is all those completely ridiculously annoying mushy cliches'. The day we met there was just something between us. I had miles & miles of thick walls up and he just walked through them, because there was no stopping whatever this is. There are many people who can attest to this, one day we didn't know each other and the next we were inseparable and have been ever since. It can only be explained by the corny theory of soul mates or expressions like, " I feel like I've known him my whole life," or "when you know you know." But, as corny and annoying as that all is, its the truth. Without him i wouldn't get up in the morning, or know who I am. I would have never accomplished what I already have and I definitely would have never started this blog. I would have never spoken it out loud. I have a dream, to have a blog about me and my fashion and my life. I only did because he once told me, " I want to be there when you find what you're passionate about, because that's how we'll stay close, if I'm there." ...swoon... There is someone in this world that wants to be a part of my passion. There is someone who cares that I am fulfilled and wants to see me come to life...swoon...And it didn't matter to him what my passion was. If I was passionate about painting lines on football fields for a living (an actual job) he would love me and support me exactly the same. He loves me so effortlessly, it is worth more than I can ever tell you, to have complete unconditional acceptance.. its all the human species hopes for. So now you know our beginnings, why we've made it this far despite his piles of clothes on the floor and my inability to correctly squeeze out toothpaste. I am so completely lucky to have someone in this life that "gets me" and likes it! 7 years later...I have never been so loved. And since he never read this before today, thank you babe for everything, I so clearly and publicly love you.

I apologize for such a long post, I am just sentimental and mushy. Thank you for letting me share, and for stopping by. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Last Minute V day outfits

Hi friends! I mentioned last week that I am "that woman" who loves February & Valentine's day & blah blah. Something to know about me is I am extremely sentimental and a complete sucker for all marketing strategies, especially when it comes to holidays. This time of year I melt over everything pink & heart shaped, I swoon over anything that says "love." It's who I am. I know not everyone has this hallmark holiday on their mind like I do (I'm unusual and obsessive), so I put together two potential last minute outfit ideas with common closet items for those of you who haven't planned your outfit. Any red top paired with a boyfriend jean and wedge is perfect for a movie date or a casual dinner. For a more sexy & romantic look pair that top with a pencil skirt and heels. I chose flannel because it is so versatile!  You can easily dress it up or down as you can see. Speaking of dressing up, I'll be doing a special post on Friday to share my planned Valentine's day look (unnecessary & obsessive) and share some mushy personal V-day relationship nonsensical magic, so make sure to stop by for that! Oh! And Nathan has a surprise planned for Valentine's day evening, eeiik! Make sure to check my instagram (@lindseymoir ) to find out what it is. Thank you again for following, see you Friday!

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Top: old from Hollister similar: here , here , here
Jeans: Gap, similar: here , here
Wedges: From a boutique in Westwood, similar: here , here , here
Skirt: Thrifted similar: here
Heels: Charlotte Russe similar: here , here 
Bracelet: Brighton old similar: here 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Super Bowl & February

Hi Everyone! How has your week been? Time seems to fly these days, I can't believe January is already over. To be real I don't mind because February is my favorite month! (Yes, even over December with its holidays, & comfort food, & cheer.. and I could go on a long rant about how January is the worst, but I'll spare you.) So yay for February! Not only is Valentines day coming up,  (yes I am one of THOSE women) Nathan and I's anniversary is at the end of the month too. 7 years, oh  yes.. 7. So expect some more personal posts about how that happened. Anyways, this outfit was my plan for the Super Bowl but Nathan and I were feeling like homebodies and instead wore sweats and watched it at home. Yay for cuddling & baking.. Boo for fashion. I actually wore one of Nate's T-shirts and leggings all day. (my leggings, Nate does not own leggings) Oh well, there's always next year to have a Super Bowl fashion moment. Moving on, these shoes were one of my black friday purchases, originally $70 bought for $20 with free shipping from Piperlime. Amazing. If anyone wants to swap frugal finds anytime I will gladly chat. And of course I'm wearing my favorite...chambray. Oh chambray, swoon. It's my favorite trend ever, I wear it all the time, I feel as though I was born to wear it. You know how sometimes things speak to your soul? Ridiculous? Yes. Truthful? 100%. So, you'll see a lot of ways to wear it here at In a Wink, you have been warned. All the other outfit info will be below so make sure to check it out! Thanks again for following, I'm truly grateful you stopped by.

T-shirt: old similar here
Shoes: Nordstrom , Similar Steve Madden  Similar save
Necklace: old from forever 21simiar here , love this

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