Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New Hair & A White Button Up

Hi everyone! How was your long weekend? Nate and I had a super lazy few days, it was a.w.e.s.o.m.e. Some times you need to just sleep until noon, go to lunch, come home and sleep until its dark again. You feel me? The only exciting thing that happened was getting my hair done, yay! Before Sunday I hadn't gotten my hair colored in awhile. (Almost 2 years. Yeah. "Awhile") I went back and forth between going darker or lighter and finally decided to just brighten things up. I went to see Shelly Roth at Marina Beach Hair in Marina Del Rey. She was so so sweet, it was fun spending a few hours with her and my hair came out beautiful! Aside of laziness and getting my hair done, I stopped by Gap for their presidents' day sale and bought this button up for $15. YES! I paired it with simple black pants with fun wedges to make it more casual. I also added another one of my closet favorites, my army green jacket. Around the waist. Yep, that's happening again. And I love it. Thanks again for stopping by and for following!


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Top: Gap similar: here here here / Pants: old Forever 21 similar: here / Jacket: old Old Navy similar: here here / Shoes: old Target similar: similar / Necklace: old forever 21 similar: here here/ Bracelet: Michael Kors (gift) similar: here here here

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