Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A post without pictures

In case you're here wondering about my post this week, I am sad to say I do not have pictures. (What?!) I will make this short and let you know that starting next wednesday my outfit posts will resume. I want this to be an authentic and honest space so I will tell you the reason there are no pictures this week is because of self doubt. After much reflection I of course came to my senses that this is something I really like doing and should of course continue on. So I am very excited to tell you that next Wednesday there will be more Disney photos! Nate and I are going to Dland on friday so make sure to check up on us: instagram @in_a_wink

Thank you again for your support and for following along.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Simply Stylist LA

This last weekend I had an amazing opportunity to be a part of the Simply Stylist event in Los Angeles!  It was a chance for fashion interested people of all kinds to come together and share what we love: beauty, fashion, blogging, styling, etc! The event was SO great but I'm not going to lie I was really nervous about it at first. I tend to be a shy and introverted, and most of the time I lack bravery. (I would have never been chosen for Gryffindor) So going alone to a big conference was so so  intimidating. This midwest girl felt a little small amongst all the LA fashionistas. It was scary at first but I definitely found some amazing sweet girls to hang out with and all the speakers and event hosts were so so nice too! I learned a lot, met some great people, scored some amazing deals, it was a great experience. These pictures are of the outfit I wore to the event, chambray of course! When feeling doubtful go in what makes you feel the most comfortable. When you feel your best, you will be your best. (roll eyes at cliche quote now) Thank you again for being amazing and following my journey, it is so appreciated!
Outfit info below.

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Top: old from Gap, similar @ Gap 
Skirt: An old Dress from Aerie, Similar @ Nasty Gal  Charlotte Russe Mod Cloth
Heels: old from Forever 21, similar @ Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Stella & Dot
Bracelets: Stella & Dot Stella & Dot
Bag: Michael Kors

Sunday, March 16, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Must Haves

Truth time! I am not a St. Patrick's Day person. (*Gasp*) But Lindsey, didn't you just tell us a few posts ago that you love holidays?! Right? Well, this is my exception.. Im just not into it. Es okay (Juan Pablo reference <-- isn't he the worst?!.. different conversation) Anyways, even though I'm not the biggest fan of this particular holiday, I am a believer that life is short and the more reasons to celebrate the better! So to everyone doing to SPD stuff tonight, have fun and be safe! Here are things that i would wear if I ever found myself in a Saint Patty's day situation.

Okay, these aren't green but they are adorable!

Thanks again for following! See you on Wednesday for my regular post!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Stripes & Booties

Hi Everyone! so this going to be a little short because this week is kicking my butt. I feel so lame blaming it on daylight savings but I am so tired! I also had a really busy weekend with my niece visiting. We did China town, watched Frozen (amazing), did some baking (cupcakes... also amazing), went hiking, more cooking, and the beach. Phew. It was exhausting but so much fun. I was so glad we had nice weather so I could wear this new Asos dress. I'm obsessed. It's a little different than my "go to" attire but I love it! It was so comfortable and light, it'll definitely be a spring/summer staple. Oh! And I can't go without mentioning these booties. Charlotte Russe. If you have never shopped their shoe section please do now! They have super cute shoes, ridiculously reasonable prices, and they are always on trend. I get a lot of compliments on my Charlotte Shoes and these boots were no exception. (I was even stopped by a few of the staff members at madewell to find out where I got them -- I felt so cool I can't even tell you.) Anyways, Hope you all have a fantastic rest of your week. I am doing something terrifying/exciting this weekend so make sure to follow my instagram @in_a_wink to see what I'm up to!

She is the cutest right?!?

On Me
Dress: Asos
Sunnies: Forever 21
Necklace: Gift from Nate similar @ Macys Jcrew Forever 21
Booties: Charlotte Russe

On Sierra
Dress: Tilly's
Sunnies: Forever 21
Shoes:Steve Madden similar @ Charlotte Russe

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Must Have Monday

Okay, so you're probably going to look at this post and be like, "Lindsey, seriously its March 10th..what happened to winter and spring must haves?!" Well after our "winter storm," came a heat wave with 83 degree weather! I guess its a good thing right? A blazing hot day towards the end of winter. All I could think was "I'm not ready for shorts!"Thus, here is some inspiration for me to get by booty in tip top high wasted shorts and crop top shape with these summer must haves! Sorry to all of you who are still dealing with REAL winter. Why everyone doesn't migrate to so cal to avoid the frozen tundra is beyond me. Anyways, have a great beginning of the week and I'll see you back here on Wednesday for my regular post!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Rainy LA

So, I bought these Lucky Brand boots a few years ago and I have to say they are still some of my favorite shoes. (I saved for months while in college to have them! Obsessive? No. Determined! ) I use any excuse to wear them so when LA's "winter storm" hit last week they were on repeat! (Yes. "Storm." 3 days of heavy rain. Sorry to all my peeps in the midwest!) Despite the rain I was able to take a mini shopping trip with my sister and I wont lie it was pretty cray cray. Is it just me or are malls getting more ridiculous as time goes on? I feel like every time I'm there I'm too overwhelmed to focus on what I'm doing. Thank god for online shopping. Yes? Even disoriented I was still able to spot a deal and snagged this super comfy T from Aerie for $10. Worth it! Also, I cant go without mentioning this jacket I got from Target. I wear it ALL the time to pretty much everything. It's totally my style, I will miss it so much during the summer. Thanks again for enduring my rants and for stopping by to see what I wore! I'm very very excited my niece this coming to LA to visit this weekend so, Friday please hurry up!!

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Jacket: Target
Top: Aerie
Pants: Gap old similar @: Gap , Windsor
Boots: Lucky Brand
Necklace: Brandy Melville old similar @: Nordstrom , Stella & Dot
Umbrella: American Eagle old similar @: Macys love these from Madewell


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Must have Monday!

Hi Everyone! So Im going to try out "Must have Mondays" were I share my current cravings that week. I will post a picture and the link below so you can check it out. So lets get into it! Here's what I have my eye on right now.

Make sure to stop by on Wednesday for my regular post. Have a great week!

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