Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Levi's & crop top

Hey Everyone! It has been HOT here in socal the last few weeks. It's been the perfect excuse to break out my favorite thrifted denim shorts (levis of course). If you don't have a pair make it a point to search through your local thrift stores to find a pair. They go so perfect with the crop top trend without exposing too much cause lets be real we don't all have the perfect 6 pack. Speaking of which, how are you doing with your summer time work outs? Mine are going great, like I mentioned I have been doing a plan with The super sisters for the last few weeks and it has been fun! Yes. Fun. In all seriousness, it truly feels good to be working hard to feel comfortable in the summer weather. The super sisters are always offering work outs and recipes on their Instagram so check them out +gosupersisters.  I'm still so impatient so I have to keep telling myself, its a journey, its journey, it's a journey! Just because your not where you want to be after 3 weeks does not mean you should eat a whole pizza. Moderation! As always thank you for stopping by this week!

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Top: AE similar @ Modcloth Windsor Forever 21
Button up: American Eagle
Shorts: Thrifted similar @ Asos  Windsor
Shoes: DSW similar Target
Sunnies: Forever 21 similar @ Anthropologie Urban Outfitters
Bracelets: Forever 21 similar @ Windsor Banana Republic

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