Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I'm back!

Ohh blog how I have missed you. I have MISSED you.. I HAVE missed you.. I have missed YOU! Get the point? *sigh* I feel more like myself with every letter.. I feel like I'm breathing for the first time I'm weeks..(dramatic? Slightly. )  Here's the story: After turning 25 I decided to take a little break to collect my thoughts and refocus myself and this blog moving forward. This space means so much to me that I really want to be intentional about what I'm posting. I started this off as a way to be genuine and real and open and honest and share my thoughts and feeling and opinions but also a way to share my love of fashion and life.. In a way, In the hustle and bustle of a 9-5 job + the craziness of life, I found that I was, some weeks, producing to produce which is far far away from my original purpose. That being said, the greatest thing about this space is that it is mine and therefore it is ever changing.. So moving forward I will continue to do my best to be a little more thoughtful and put more mushy real substance in every post. Thank you to everyone who has asked, and wondered, and supported me to get this back up and going again. Including my photographer this week Melina! We dusted off the cobwebs and are charging forward.
In case you've been wondering what I've been up to:

* Nate turned 25! We celebrated by hitting the batting cages. It was my first time, Nate said I was surprisingly good... It's good that I can still surprise him I guess.
*California Adventure! For our 7 1/2 year anniversary we put our annual passes to good use.The best thing about celebrating at D-land is the fact that you get to proclaim it to the world in the form of a button. Nothing feels better than random strangers wishing you a happy anniversary and then watching to see their eyes bug out when they see the number... 7.5 WHOA. WOW. WHOOOAAA.. I feel you people.
*Long Beach flea market with my momma! If you live in the area and haven't been it's totally worth the few dollars. However I would wait until fall kicks in and it's not 90degrees... It was nice to browse through all the junk & treasures and finally find the antlers you were hoping for! My mom was such a good sport, it was hot, we were sweaty, it was huge! Lol that's what moms are for though right? That unconditional.. Sure you can drag me through rows and rows of what towards the end all looks like the same stuff.  And then thai food.. Moms are the best.
*Change in home decor! Nate and I have lived in our LA apartment for a little over a year now and aside from getting the key essential pieces we were missing like a kitchen table, we really hadn't put any effort into our home. Partly due to budgets but partly due to the fact that we had extremely different tastes. Miraculously over the last year we have somehow come to have the same style.. Hip hip hooray! We're very excited about nesting.. we'll mostly me! I hope to share more home stuff in the future :)
*Style shift.. Have you ever looked in your closet and hated everything you own? Well if you haven't let me tell you it's frustrating. I think I'm in a very inspirational, open, and changing time in my life. It's time for change i say and my closet is saying it too! This is the best I could do in light of these circumstances.
* Lots of happy news! Babies, engagements, weddings, promotions are happening! Dreams are coming true. It's all very exciting I hope to share my experiences with all these things coming up.

Sweater: Target
Shirt: Aerie similar @ Nasty Gal
Wallet: similar @ Tillys Nordstrom
Shorts: Express  American Eagle

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